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:::Your...Mothers...Told...You...About...Gurls...Like...Her::: [entries|friends|calendar]

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totally random and bored... [04“Feb“10 @ 11:30pm ]
[ mood | impressed ]

It's been two years since I logged on to livejournal! *damn myspace and facebook took over!*

I logged on because a good friend of mine and I were chatting about life and how at the moment things seem so bad and I feel like "how will I get through all this madness" and he told me "some times when I feel like I can't get through it I open my journal to a random date, rather it be 6 months ago or 6 years ago and you will see that at that point things seem so bad and look here we are just as alive as ever!"

He was right... it's just the way live is! things will always seem like they are sooo bad and we will never get through it but guess what it's not that bad!

here's me putting on a smile and saying "I'm glad I woke up to another day whither it is a good one or a not so good one, it's still another day of life!"

good to see you again livejournal!


nov 1st - nov 14th [22“Oct“07 @ 04:38pm ]
[ mood | hyper ]

i will be in japan for my birthday!!!!

anthonys brother and sister in law live there so his mom wanted to take a family trip to see them and asked me if i would like to come for my birthday and well of course without thinkin i said yes!!!

i'm very excited!!!

i will take tons of pictures and promise to posted them as soon as i get home!!!


9 days and counting!!!


its been 6 months.... [06“Jul“07 @ 07:16pm ]
If you read this, even if I don't speak to you often,
you must reply with a memory of me. It can be anything you want -- good or bad, just as long as it happened.
Then post this up yourself and see what people remember about you.
3 .Die.Nows. Cry.Later.

it's cold in my office//heart [07“Jan“07 @ 11:36am ]
\\Where to start...

my husband and i are split up right now its been a week since he moved his stuff out and moved in with his mom... that ws something he desided on his own i had nothing to do with that... we got into it and i said somethings i shouldnt have cause i was mad that he was making me talk about our problems over the phone well his was at work... one of our biggest problems is he doesnt talk and i talk to much so i get mad cause when we talk about anything he just stares at me... if i wanted to talk to myself forever i would have never got married if i wanted to make all the decision i would have not got married... so with all that said i stopped talking to him about anything... that went on for about a month... yes he asked if anything was wrong but since i felt that even if i did say anything he wouldnt talk back so i just kept saying nothing... at the same time in my head i was trying to think of the right way to tell him that things were going down hill for us fast and we have only been married for 7 months to the date... well things kinda got ugly and i ended up telling him i wasnt into him the last time we had sex was on my brithday... when you cant talk to someone you start losing attraction for that person... this is what has happend to me... before we got married we had a talk like the one we just had and he moved out and we talked and two weeks later he moved back in and a month later we where married... things moved very fast and now i feel like this is not what i wanted... everyone tells me to try my hardest to work things out... he said he was going to talk to someone and see if they can help him learn to talk about problems he's having and how to listen to mine and be able to talk to me... commucation is NUMBER 1 in a relationship without it theres nothing... again thats how i feel with chris and i... theres nothing... even if he does learn to commucate better who's to say this isnt going to happen again... 6 months from know is he going to stop and i'm going to be in the situtation again where he's moving out all his stuff... i'm really tryin to think possitative about everything but so much of me just wants to tell him to stay moved out and lets just end this and move on the sooner we get that out there the faster he can start healing... i say he can start healing because i feel since ive been over for a while now i'm numb to it and a big part of me has already moved on...

well with all that said... i'm working two jobs now... good jobs:: i work full times at the palms for the N9NEgroup VIP Guest Services and i work part time at Coach ((Forum II)) i love both jobs i love the palms more... just cause i'm in my office and the only time i have to talk to someones its over the phone and i dont have to sell anything :) i keep Coach as a part time job just cause its a little extra money and the discount is nice :)

now that you all are kinda updated on my life i'm going to end this transmission


WEDDING [26“May“06 @ 12:45pm ]
[ mood | anxious ]

Ok some of you that read my journal i really really really wanted to tell you on the phone and not have you read this but i'm gettin married i have been very busy the past two months planning this and then may 13th my little sister died in a car accident and that set me back a little bit and then may 20th i got a phone call that one of my friends dead on his motor cycle ((crane if you read this PLEASE be careful!)) so that slowed me down ALOT! the month of may hasnt been a good month for me since my senior year in high school and i lost my best friend Natasha and Ashley in a car accident ((may 9 and 12 2002)) now this. i have a candle lit and i keep it lit for the whole month of may now in hopes that the sadness will stop here. i have come to peace with everything and have begun to focus on more happy things like my wedding that is in two weeks and i wish it was done already who would have thought i would be getting married... its something i've always wanted and pray to buddha that it last for ever! i've never been one for divorce so no matter what i will promise to work through anything... some of you know me very well and i put up with alot and always am willing to work things out... i got to go now i need to help linzi i love you all and to some of you i'm very sorry i didnt get the time to tell you over the phone like i wanted to... ((steve i promise i will call you monday!!!))

Jennifer St. Pierre ((thats the new last name))


[19“Feb“06 @ 10:14pm ]
[ mood | cynical ]

its been a minute since i updated my journal nothing exciting has happend in my life just a bunch of movin and i hate moving in the past year ive moved from san jose (mine and steves apartment kicked ass) to vegas where i lived with sam again in her apartment for about two months then in with holly whom i nanny'd for about 8 months then into a house with chris and some of his friend whom are cokeheads and i fight with them all the time about two weeks ago was the last fight i decide i need to get into with beets (the guy that owes the house) they woke me up around 5am on a sunday which is my only day off and i like to sleep in i yelled from my room to shut the fuck up he called me a bitch so i went out there and asked them all to please take there drugs somewhere else besides my 500 dollar kitchen table thats when beets got nose to nose with me and yelled at me four times to shut the fuck up and go back to my room... well that means im moving again this time is to a really nice four bedroom house which is way cool but i have no car and its far from the place i was working and linzi (i babysit for her on mondays and tuesday) now that i live so far away i have no job cause no one from the salon will pick me up for work and linzi doesnt want to drive that far with the baby when business is so slow right now so im jobless!!! i applied at pep boys got hired and then they asked me to take a drug test ok fine but i started smoking weed again and dont really think ill pass... shit.

anyhow i just need to take the time to write about everything real quick to get it out of my head. im goin to be m.i.a for the next month i have plans for my life and am goin to take the next month to work on these ideas i have...

until next time i love you all and miss you tons!

this parts for you,
take care your always in my heart
with lots of something

11 .Die.Nows. Cry.Later.

Meet Ivan Curtiss Lee ((my nephew)) [12“Jan“06 @ 12:02pm ]
[ mood | excited ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Ivan Curtiss Lee
January 9,2006
3:09 pm
3lb 3oz
16 1/2in
perfect in everyway
he came to us three months early and thats fine im going to see him this weekend ive made him a painting a onesie that says my auntie bean loves me so dont #$@* with me! and another one that says my uncle chris loves me and he'll kick your @$$ i also got him a guns N roses outfit and a winnie hte pooh outfit.
i cant wait to go hold him and kiss him!
Auntie Bean

2 .Die.Nows. Cry.Later.

new tattoos [05“Dec“05 @ 01:37pm ]
[ mood | sore ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


let me tell you the chest hurt really really bad i aint gonna lie i cried hahaha

2 .Die.Nows. Cry.Later.

nov 9 1983 [08“Nov“05 @ 10:58am ]
o man i feel like an old lady

if you live in vegas my birthday party is tomorrow
at the artisan at 8pm in the bar
we will be have some drinks and cake and food
so if you want to come give me a birthday spanking
and show some love i would be a happy little old lady
3 .Die.Nows. Cry.Later.

road trip [12“Oct“05 @ 03:04pm ]
[ mood | blank ]

omg im back... did anyone even miss me or notices i was gone??
i saw colorado... kansas...missouri...illnious...oklahoma...texas...new mexico...
(also utah and arizona but i seen those places before)

so i spend most of my time in ozark/springfield missouri... the midwest is the pretty! i liked it.
but im glad to be home and be able to sleep in my bed... im glad to get to shower in my shower with my bodywash (( oo wait that stupid bitch used it all thats a different subject ))

anyhow im home and if anyone missed me call me or something....

28 days... thats right its that time of the year again someones is turning 22 soon :)


4 .Die.Nows. Cry.Later.

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